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Cut-Off Point Cut-Off Time
Refreshment Station 2 – End of M3 11h30
Blackhill Rd (Glencairn Express Way/Main Rd Intersection.) 12h15
Refreshment Station 7 – Perdekloof 14h00
Refreshment Station 10 – Noordhoek 15h00
Hout Bay: Main/Princess Rd Circle 15h30
Finish Line 17h00

Please note…

  • All cyclists must cross the finish line by 17h00 after which time, all support services will be withdrawn. To receive an official result and race certificate, you must complete the Cycle Tour within 7 hours, calculated from the time the group that you are in crosses the start line.
  • For your safety and in line with the requirements of the City of Cape Town, we have calculated (based on the time limit, combined with rider statistics over the past couple of years) a number of cut-off points along the route. If you don’t make it to a cut-off point at the specified time, you will not be permitted to continue on the route and you and your bicycle will be removed from the course and transported back to the finish line.
  • Please note, that the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust have been granted exclusive rights to utilize the course road space for the duration of the event by the City of Cape Town and until such time that the roads have been reopened by the City of Cape Town’s Traffic department, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust will have full control of the Cycle Tour route.
  • Any cyclist found on the route after the cut off time, will face disqualification.
  • Lastly…  please be friendly to the marshals at the cut off points; they are only doing their jobs!

Mini Sweep

There will be a collection point at each refreshment station where you can wait if you are unable to continue the tour.  Each collection point will be clearly signposted.

Mega Sweep

There will be a collection point at each official cut-off point, from where you and your bicycle will be transported to the finish.

How it works

  • When you arrive at a refreshment station and decide that you are unable to complete the race, simply wait for a Mini Sweep vehicle to collect you and your bicycle at the designated area.
  • You will be taken to the nearest Mega Sweep collection point (one of the cut-off points) from where you will board a Mega sweep bus and be transported to the finish.
  • In the event that you are stopped at a cut-off point, you and your bike will be transported to the finish.
  • If you are on the route and unable to continue, make your way to the nearest refreshment station and wait for a Mini Sweep vehicle to collect you.  Cyclists that are unable to continue to the nearest refreshment station will be collected along the route, but have a greater chance of being loaded onto a sweep vehicle when they wait at the nearest refreshment station. Please be sure to wave a mini sweep vehicle down.

Download the Split Time Calculator HERE.

 Once downloaded, open the excel spread sheet, enter your target time into the yellow blocks and click enter!