Seeding Events

The following official 2015 Premier Seeding Events results will be used for the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour.

You can also download the list here.

Event Name Distance Date Province More Info
Value Logistics Fast One 96km 25-Jan-15

The Herald VW Cycle Tour 106km 01-Feb-15

Eastern Cape/PE
Action Ford Berge en Dale Classic 102km 31-Jan-15

99er Cycle Tour  108km


Western Cape
Dis-chem Ride for Sight 116km 15-Feb-15 Gauteng
Daily Dispatch Spar Cycle Tour 100km 22-Feb-15 Eastern Cape/East London
Nedbank Namibia Cycle Challenge 100km 01-Mar-15

Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge 55km 01-Mar-15 Western Cape
Cape Town Cycle Tour 08-Mar-15 Western Cape
aQuelle Tour Durban 105km 26-Apr-15 KZN
Momentum Weekend Argus Knysna Cycle Tour 50km & 80km 04-Jul-15 Southern Cape
Prudential Ride London 190km 01-Aug-15 London, United Kingdom
Powerade Lost City Cycle Event 115km 15-Aug-15 Northwest Province
Bestmed Lost City Mountain Bike Event 55km 16-Aug-15 Northwest Province
Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge 114km 6-Sep-15 Gauteng
Kumba Iron Ore Classic 105km 20-Sep-15 Northern Cape
Rand Water Race For Victory 150km 13-Sep-15 Gauteng
The Pennypinchers Lions Karoo to Coast Mountain Bike Challenge 100km 20-Sep-15 Southern Cape
The Dome2Dome Cycling Race 111km 27-Sep-15 Gauteng
Penny Pinchers GOK Cycle Tour 104km 04-Oct-15 Southern Cape
Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic 106km 18-Oct-15 KZN
Bestmed Jacaranda Satellite Classic 80km & 106km 17-Oct-15 PTA
PPA One Tonner 163km 18-Oct-15 Western Cape
PPA Mangaung Cycle Tour 106km 01-Nov-15 Bloemfontein
Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge 97.4km 15-Nov-15 Gauteng
Stellenbosch Cycle Tour 95km 29-Nov-15 Western Cape

Seeding is the process used to determine the start time per entrant. Its purpose is to group cyclists together in bunches of equal ability, thereby reducing the need for overtaking and the risk of accidents or bottlenecks at any point on the route.

How seeding is done

  • Using available results for events timed by RaceTec, a seeding index is calculated per person.
  • This offers an indication of the person’s ability relative to other entrants.
  • An index of “0” means you are of the same ability as the winner, while a “100” index means we expect you to do roughly double the time of the winner.
  • Everyone with an index between 0 and approximately 100 is seeded into one of the seeded groups with riders of equal ability.

Your best result in Cycle Tour seeding events, or the average of your best three other results (if better), is used to determine your seeding.

  • These events may carry a penalty if it does not meet certain criteria, i.e. distance or total acsent.
  • We make concessions for certain special groups by giving them a start in the last few seeded batches.  These may include people who have completed more than a certain number of Cycle Tours or seeding events, people over 70 years of age, and international riders.
  • Next are the charity or corporate groups that did not qualify as seeded groups, and then the PPA members.
Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 – Start Sequence
Prefix Description StartTime Prefix Description StartTime
$ Elite, Under 23 and Juniors 06:15:00 4D Seeded and completed 18 – 20 CT Tours & aged 70 – 74 07:46:00
# Racing Tandems 06:20:00 4E Seeded and completed 15 – 17 CT Tours 07:50:00
1A Seeded 06:23:00 4F Seeded and completed 13 – 14 CT Tours 07:54:00
VA SubVet 30 – 39 06:23:00 4G Seeded and completed 12 CT Tours 07:58:00
VB Vets 40-49 06:23:00 4H Seeded and completed 11 CT Tours 08:02:00
VM Vets 50+ 06:23:00 5A International 08:06:00
% Elite Ladies 06:26:00 5B Seeded and completed 10 CT Tours 08:10:00
1C Seeded 06:27:30 5C International 08:14:00
1D Seeded 06:29:00 5D Seeded and completed 9 CT Tours 08:18:00
1E Seeded 06:30:30 5E International 08:22:00
1F Seeded 06:32:00 5F Seeded and completed 8 CT Tours 08:26:00
1G Seeded 06:33:30 5G International 08:30:00
1H Seeded 06:35:00 5H Seeded and participated in more than one seeding event in 2014 08:34:00
1J Seeded 06:36:30 6A Seeded and completed 7 CT Tours 08:44:00
K Hand Cycles, Unicycles, Recumbents, Special Needs Bikes that have been approved by the Organisers 06:38:00 6B Seeded and completed 6 CT Tours 08:48:00
2A Seeded 06:41:00 6C Seeded and participated in only one seeding event (other than the CT 2014) 08:52:00
2B Seeded 06:44:00 6D Seeded and participated in only one seeding event (other than the CT 2014); completed 5 CT Tours 08:56:00
2C Seeded 06:47:00 6E Seeded and completed 5 CT Tours 09:00:00
2D Seeded 06:50:00 6F Nedbank Peloton 09:04:00
2E Seeded 06:53:00 6G Charity Group 1 09:08:00
2F Seeded 06:56:00 6H Corporate Group 1 09:12:00
2G Seeded 06:59:00 7A Charity Group 2 09:16:00
2H PPA Safe Cycling 07:01:00 7B Corporate Group 2 09:20:00
3A Seeded 07:03:00 7C Charity Group 3 09:24:00
3B Seeded 07:06:00 7D Charity Group 4 09:28:00
3C Seeded 07:09:00 7E Charity Group 5 09:32:00
3D Seeded 07:12:00 7F PPA 09:36:00
3E Seeded 07:15:00 7G PPA 09:40:00
3F Seeded 07:18:00 7H PPA 09:44:00
3G Seeded 07:21:00 8A Open 09:48:00
3H Seeded 07:24:00 8B Open 09:52:00
4A Seeded 07:34:00 8C Open 09:56:00
4B Seeded 07:38:00 8D Open 10:00:00
4C Seeded, Club 21 & 75+ 07:42:00